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Welcome to Distilab.

Our laboratory provides services in the field of chemical and microbiological analysis of Wine, Water, Drinks and Food products. We also provide consulting services regarding Food and Drink safety management systems, quality assurance systems and environmental management systems.

Our services and portfolio are formed and defined together with you in order to cover your needs in the best way.

We serve the needs of individuals as well as those of businesses. We can help the amateur wine maker to produce his own wine, with precise analysis and simple directions so as to achieve his goal. The production of a stable, tasteful and enjoyable wine.

For businesses with large volumes of produce we provide guaranteed support on aspects of development and standardization. We undertake the definition and follow up of the appropriate process parameters as well as the development and application of safety and quality management systems. Our experience and modern analytical equipment helps you produce better quality products taking advantage of modern techniques and turn to advantage your businesses dynamics.

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